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Aids ans tools

Now I’m gonna show you my aids and tools I use. That are things that help me do things. I can dash from one place to another with my wheelchair. And with my hearing aids I can hear better and “smoother“. Some of those things are really super great (like my wheely), BUT I also have a few things that are really totally stupid! And still my Mommy wants me to use them and says they help me. Oookaay. My Mommy has put a ja.jpg for the super great things and a nein.jpg for the things I don’t like:

ja.jpg hilfsmittel.jpgCart for Mobility
Mommy: Noah’s Grandpa crafted this wooden cart: the tyres are smoothly running, the height and width of the seat are adjustable and it has shores for the torso. At first, Noah could only roll sideways and backwards; later on then, he managed to push forward, too.
Noah: I didn’t want to at first because I was afraid I would fall.
Mommy: We would have caught you if you had fallen.
Noah: Ha, that’s what you’re saying now! … Look! There’s my name.
Mommy. Where?
Noah: There, on my super red rolling cart, Grandpa made.
Mommy: Yes, that’s right. Then the corridor police knows straightaway who’s been dashing around too fast, right? ;-)
ja.jpg hilfsmittel2.jpgWheeling Chair for Mobility
Mommy: Noah received his first wheelchair in summer 2006. Those were really exciting days for us, since Noah was able to move around all on his own for the first time in his life. This is freedom!
Noah: I first thought that it was a weird looking Buggy. Why doesn’t it move on it’s own?
Mommy: Ah well, I pushed you in your Buggy before, and it didn’t move on its own then. But now you were to push yourself and the wheelchair and steer without help.
Noah: Hm, I guess I should have. But it didn’t really work.
Mommy: No, not really. I had to push you a lot. But “Practice makes perfect” and today you are a real wheelchair pro, honey!
Noah: (sports a broad grin) ... and I am real fast, right?
hilfsmittel3a.jpg hilfsmittel3b.jpg
Mommy: With the new wheely you got since the beginning of the year, you are hardly stoppable.    
Noah: That ones really great!  
Mommy: It’s light, manoeuvrable, has a fitted seat and a gorgeous look too.
Noah: Hush – don’t brag, or the wheely will be nicked!
nein.jpg Ankle Ortheses for Correcting the Equinovalgus and Stabilising the Feet under Stress.
Mommy: Noah has been wearing them for 3 years now...
Noah: ...and almost without complaining, right Mommy? Although it is not really that nice to have my feet in those things. It’s really hot in there...
Mommy: Well, yes, your feet are really getting a bit hot in your ortheses. But you are a real tough boy.
nein.jpg hilfsmittel4.jpgStanding Orthoses to further straightening the hip during stretching and while putting stress on legs and feet.         
Mommy: Noah had been standing in his standing orthoses, which were crafted after a plaster impression, for two years.
Noah: But I wasn’t in there for the whole two years! That ain’t not possible! Standing with those things on is really, really hard. My knees hurt and my hot feet, too!
Mommy: But then it was also nice to be taller all of the sudden, hm? You’ve had a completely different perspective.
Noah: Perspec..huh? Ah, right, it was super to look over the table with that standing thingy. But that was it, ‘cause I had to stay at the table and couldn’t move away.
Mommy: That’s right. You were standing at the table because I wanted to distract you with games from the painful standing.
Noah: Hm, but it didn’t work out all the time.
Mommy: Yes, I know. But last year then, Honey, we found that standing/walking cart for you. With that you could finally move around. Do you know which one I mean?
Noah: YEAH! The NF-Walker!
ja.jpghilfsmittel5.jpg NF-Walker ( for further straightening and mobility.         
Mommy: Noah made his first steps at the age of 5 with this walking aid! Without it he wouldn’t have managed because he lacks stability particularly in his upper body.
Noah: You even cried, Mommy, when I walked towards you.
Mommy: Yes, tears of joy! I couldn’t belief it! And now you are running around in the kindergarten with your NF-Walker.
Noah: Yeah, and my knees only hurt a little bit sometimes. But it’s not that bad, you know?
Mommy: You are doing just great.
Noah: You too, Mommy!
Mommy: Why me, too?
Noah: Ah, you are getting faster and faster with putting me into my NF-Walker. It’s just like a Formular 1 pit stop.
Mommy: Oh, why thanks!
Noah: But I can’t stand and walk without that thingy at all. That’s stupid.
Mommy: You are right. But we keep on practising and who knows … maybe you can stand and walk all on your own one day.
nein.jpg hilfsmittel6.jpgGlasses to correct the farsightedness
Mommy: Noah got his first glasses at the age of 1. He is now supposed to wear his third pair of glasses, BUT unfortunately, Noah doesn’t want to. I’ve tried all the tricks: a rubber band that would make it harder for him to pull them off, put them on while he is still asleep, so he wouldn’t even notice them, and so on. But nothing worked. His farsightedness is not that bad that he would experience the “Oh-I-see-much-better-with-glasses” effect. We will just try some more and I’ll just pick up the glasses a few more times...
Noah: (SILENT)
Mommy: Noah, don’t you want to comment on that?
Noah: I’ll say nothing without my lawyer!


ja.jpg Hearing aids to compensate the labyrinthine deafness and the recruitment (hearing sensitivity)
Mommy: Noah was extremely sound-sensitive even as a baby – he was especially affected by high-pitched children’s voices. It was so bad that we had to get off the bus, for example, when a child/baby got on and screamed.
Noah: Mommy, that hurt my ears!
Mommy: I know, darling! But no one knew why you were so sound-sensitive. The ENT physician said: “Well, his hearing is not superb, but it should suffice. I cannot say, however, why he is so sound-sensitive...”“
Noah: Yes, but then the investigitator doctor found out what was up, right?
Mommy: Yep, that was almost 2 years ago – you were almost four years old then – when you finally had to go through the BERA hearing test. With it, the doctors found out that you were not only suffering from a small to moderate labyrinthine deafness but also from a so-called recruitment.
Noah: And then I got my hearing aids?
Mommy: Exactly. It took you a few months to get used to them...
Noah: I once even chewed on them a bit. They really did look like sweets then.
Mommy:...but now you like wearing them.
Noah: But only when we are outside or when we are not at home or in kindergarten. I don’t need them there.
Mommy: Uhu, that’s what you say.
ja.jpg File with gestures to document the gestures.
In there, we document all the gestures Noah already knows or is about to learn at the moment.
ja.jpghilfsmittel7.jpgStep-by-Step to communication    
Mommy: With this device, Noah can have a voice. For example, I record the following in 4 steps: “Good morning. I would like to have a pretzel. Thank you! Bye“. When Noah then presses the button, the recorded phrases are replayed and he can order his favourite food in the bakery all by himself. It’s so nice because people can talk with Noah directly without a third person.
Noah: And on the playground, I also had my red button with me. And I said: “Hello, I am Noah. Who are you?” and then they answered me and then they wanted to know a lot more about me and… and…
Mommy: That was a great experience for you, wasn’t it?
Noah: Yes, the kids talked to me and played with me. And then I taught them the “Soccer” gesture.
Mommy: That’s right. You really tried a lot to make the kids understand you. I hope you don’t mind that I put words in your mouth. I just don’t know any other way...
Noah: It’s okay that you help me, Mommy. Or else I couldn’t say so much about me on my website, right? And you have made so many great things for me that help me tell others about me. For example:
A book that helps me tell people about my summer holidays. Mommy also painted the gestures and pasted in photos.      
A story board that helps me recount my experiences. We also put in photos.             



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English Version by Christina Heger in cooperation with Tom Muirhead, Paul Strikwerda and Floriane Ballige